How to help dogs this Diwali?

Before you light that cracker, read this…

Dog with the blog!

Festivities, so often, are a dreaded time for our furry friends. Diwali, synonymous with lights and crackers, takes a toll on countless cats and dogs, among other animals like human beings. From the pestilent fumes that get engulfed by the child labor employed in Sivakasi to the plight of heart patients, smoke and sound aren’t always cherished. The blitzkrieg, however, will go on despite monitoring agencies warning off unprecedented increase in levels of pollutants.

The ensuing noise and smell of napalm in air trembles the dogs, quite like many humans, I know. Many unfortunate homeless creatures get fatally injured or die in the name of celebrations.

The true essence of a festival is spreading love. With the same idea, here are some tips for having Diwali celebrations with a concern for the cats and canines, the canary and the cows.

  1. Pledge to say no to crackers. Ask others too.
  2. Ask…

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