Follow your heart, quit that job and smile on!

We are all adventurous as a child, the best creative versions of ourselves, we will ever be. The society from a very young age begins to tame us – so much so that even tell us what to dream – Pilot/Engineer/Doctor/Manager. Casts already carved out for us, like caskets for a man on deathbed.

It is a boon indeed that I have made career choices as per my whims, as some would say. From taking sabbaticals for months to be home cuddling my dog and reading Tagore to quitting a job one fine morning for I didn’t enjoy it, I have always been wild that way. Whimsical, as some would say. However what’s the point of having a job that limits your freedom? So many people I know, cribbing about their daily ordeals and yet succumbing to the rat race. Why not quit, take charge of your life, find a better opportunity?   Alright, I understand there is the burden of responsibilities but then, it is always going to be there.

Life is too short, do what you love!

I have been an avid fan of Calvin and Hobbes, quite like my brother who has some weird logic ingrained too deep in his head that he is Calvin’s doppelganger:)  It has almost been two decades since Bill Waterson drew the beloved strip. True art inspires like nothing else – cartoonist Gavin Aung Than, who pens comics on his blog Zen Pencils, took the text from a commencement speech Watterson delivered at Kenyon College in 1995, and illustrated it like Waterson would have, perhaps.

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  1. Just wonderful…. I am just like you. I really do not see it a poitn to exert myself and do things that do not satisfy my heart.

    But I am stuck in the rat race. Doing what is safe. It’s really the time I take a stand for myself.

    Loved your post.

    1. dietdelights says:

      Hi Neha,

      Yo are way ahead of the rat race crowd for you know you are in one. Most of the folks I know are stuck in the race while living a fickle grandiose dream that they are ‘winning’. You my lady, know, that you will follow your heart soon 🙂

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